This Subway Ad is Brilliant!

Casper Ad — Toronto Subway

I was in the subway yesterday and saw this brilliant ad!

I came in for a 20 min ride and was wondering what I could do to pass time. Read? Listen to Music? Play games on my phone? At that moment I looked above me and saw the Casper ad.

It was just a puzzle but a special type of puzzle. Indeed, Casper sells sleep products, such as mattresses, pillows and bedding and all the riddles were sleep related. Here’s one of the puzzles:

casper subway puzzle →

The answer is Nightstand if you were wondering!

Another one?

casper subway puzzle →

The answer is lights out!

The more I was solving the puzzles, the more I was wondering if my answers were right, that is when I saw the statement at the bottom “Go to for answers”. That was perfect! I could check my answers! So, I went to the website and checked them. I then turned to the next puzzle and the next and the next, until I reached my destination. My 20min subway ride passed like a breeze! And it was actually quite fun!

This marketing campaign is brilliant for many reasons:

Puzzles are fun, especially when you are looking for ways to pass time (perfect for a subway setup). People enjoy them and get excited and satisfied when their guesses are right!

The ad was literally all over the train I was in. I walked the whole train and it was the only ad! Puzzle after puzzle, you literally cannot miss it!

An interesting question here could be: was this the most efficient way to spread the ads? Should the company have divided the puzzles between different trains? Or was spreading it all in one train, a game changer?

The puzzles are all sleep related. So, when solving puzzle after puzzle, the sleep vocabulary gets all over your brain. Then, when you want to check the answers, you have to go to the website: and your mind starts associating Casper with sleep.

Some people might also get curious about this company and start browsing on its website while they are on it. So, more exposure for the company! Brilliant!

Some people value companies with good ads. It’s a good topic of discussion or article topic hehe!

What do you think? Do you find this ad interesting? Would it have caught your attention? And do you value companies with good ads more than their competition?



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